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Complete Fencing Sets

Model: 3 Line Multipost Complete System
Includes the following goods:3 x MP Standard Reels3 x Multipost reel brackets2 x Multiposts 120cm1 x Pack of 25 bolt on ring insulators3 x Megaline 400m3 x Super Gate Handles3 x Rope End Connections2 x Line connector for rope/wire. ..
AF100 Starter Kit
New 2 - 3 Days
Model: AF100 Starter Kit
Basic kit which includes everything required to get an electric fence started, or for use as a short paddock divider or grazing line.  Includes:1 x Micro 3 energiser with all leads1 x D-cell battery 2pk1 x Mount Post / Earth Stake1 x Easytape white 12mm x 200m20 x 105cm Easypost Green1 x Tape End Te..
AF200 Paddock Kit
New 2 - 3 Days
Model: AF200 Paddock Kit
Best selling kit including everything needed to get your electric fence started, divide a paddock or set up a grazing line with 110cm posts. The kit can be converted to run off a 12v battery with H4938 battery leads (not included)Included in the box:1x P250, all leads & earth stake1x 9v 55Ah Dry..
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