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Electric Fencing Equipment

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Looking for a new fence to protect your animals and livestock? Perhaps you need electric fencing for horses or dogs? Whatever your agricultural need, Farm Signs (Electric Fencing) has you covered.

This year we have launched several new energisers - the new DPe Dual Powered Energiser, the M10 Mains Energiser and the VMAX Mains Energiser.

Animal Friendly Electrical Fencing 

An electric fence only becomes a circuit when there is contact between the fence and the ground at the same time, ie; when an animal touches it. The energiser sends an electrical impulse to the fence which is carried along the tape, rope or wire.

If an animal touches the fence it is acting as a switch allowing the pulse to travel through it to the ground and back, completing the circuit and giving the animal a mild corrective shock.

Animal & Livestock Signs
Animal & Livestock Signs