Common places for No Entry signs

12 March 2017 superman

Common places for No Entry signs

You don’t need to have a lot of common sense to understand the relevance of No Entry signs – unfortunately some people aren’t over-endowed with such a thing and, even when the reasons are obvious, will ignore them anyway, like the lorry driver who recently joined a small group of people who got stuck in Cambridge’s guided busway system after failing to read the No Entry signs properly.

There are two main reasons why people put up No Entry signs: safety and privacy.


On a farm, public safety is particularly important – obviously! If your farm is open to members of the public, e.g. if you have an onsite farm shop, it’s vital to keep them away from dangerous situations.

No Entry signs are useful to place on gates in order to keep members of the public out of fields with livestock, especially if the animals may pose a danger to the public.

They are also important to use when livestock are affected by disease. Whilst the entire nation was aware of the foot and mouth epidemic in 2001 and would (hopefully) have known to stay away from farm animals, less virulent diseases such as IBR – awareness of which is currently part of a storyline on BBC Radio 4’s The Archers – whilst not necessarily fatal, nevertheless can have a negative impact on a farm’s business. Keeping the public away from infected cattle is, therefore, vital to try and contain any problems.

Similarly, if you store potentially toxic chemicals on your farmyard, keeping members of the public away from them is hugely important. And the use of a No Entry sign, which explains why you’re trying to keep people away, will be so much more impactful than just a simple sign forbidding access.


Farms aren’t only places of employment, they’re also where people live, and it’s important to stop members of the public wandering into your home or through your family garden. A few well-placed No Entry signs will keep your private life just that, private.

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