Road Signs : Vpe Ecopost Verge Post
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Vpe Ecopost Verge Post

Vpe Ecopost Verge Post
Vpe Ecopost Verge Post
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  • Ecopost verge post
  • 1400 x 950mm above ground
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled material, offering a durable post of considerable strength which requires no maintenance
  • In most cases the Ecopost can be driven directly into the ground conditions, digging and backfilling is preferred, an anchorage peg is provided for added stability.
How to fix your signs

The fixing method depends on whether the signs are PVC (plastic) or ACM (aluminium).

Plastic signs

These are usually printed on 3mm PVC foam board which is stiff, light and durable. They are supplied without fixing holes and the following methods can be used: 1. For single posts we recommend fixing a backboard to the post, then drilling pilot holes and fixing the sign to the backboard. 2. For double posts, gates or walls the signs can be fixed directly using pilot holes and fixings, or a Gripfill adhesive.

Metal signs

These are usually printed on 3mm ACM (aluminium composite material sometimes known as Dibond) or solid aluminium. They can be supplied plain, with fixing holes or with channel and can be used in the following ways: 1. Plain - can be drilled and fixed as required to any surface, or a Gripfill adhesive. 2. Fixing holes – can be mounted to any flat surface including single posts 3. Channel – available with a selection of clamps for round or square posts, or railings. A selection of clamps are shown here

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