Fire Exit & Equipment Signs

Fire Exit Signs

Fire exit signs are a legal requirement and part of your health & safety responsibilities as a landowner, business owner, landlord, office manager and more. Fire exit signs or emergency fire exit signs are designed to clearly display where the fire exits are within a building so that anyone inside the building can safely evacuate in case of an emergency. Other signs like ‘Assembly Point’ signs are used to indicate and inform the public of the meeting point should there be an emergency evacuation as part of the overall fire procedure at the location. 

It is crucial that members of staff and the public can clearly and easily identify the exit points whether they are fixed to the wall or door, or indeed hanging from the ceiling. Fire signs also exist for things such as the fire alarm call points and fire extinguishers so these can be quickly located in an emergency as well. 

Farm Signs is proud to offer fully compliant HSE fire safety signs for all locations with our high-quality, durable signs that are also at a fantastic, affordable price. 

Meet your compliance and regulatory requirements with our range of fire exit signs! 

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