Farm Signs specialise in the design & manufacture of timber signage for public open spaces, heritage sites, historic properties and countryside trails.

Finger Posts

Finger-post signposts are a traditional style of sign that are seen everywhere you go. These beautifully made signs supply essential directional information without creating any visual blemish to their surroundings.

Fingerposts are very versatile and they fulfil their task in a simple yet effective manner. Engraved lettering and symbols are infilled with durable paints to ensure that they are easy to read. These signs are available in hardwood, softwood and recycled plastic. Wood signs are supplied in a smooth-sanded natural finish. Signs may be oiled or stained according to customer preference.

Waymarker discs can be recessed into the finger-arms to denote a specific trail or guided route. Please see our Waymarker page to see various standard designs for Waymarker discs.


Hardwood or Softwood

  • Typical fingerpost style
  • Solid oak for durability
  • Routered and painted
fingerpost sign

Multi Arm composite

  • Oak post and finger arms
  • Aluminium / Foamex inserts
  • Digitally printed options
fingerpost Sign

Hand painted symbols

  • Standard or bespoke symbols
  • Engraved into timber
  • Hand painted in full colour
Plastic Fingerpost Sign

Recycled plastic

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance free


‘Monolith’ style signs are an unusual yet intriguing design of sign that can be utilised in situations where signs are imperative yet discretion is of the essence.

This style of sign is often used to give notification of hazards and other health and safety requirements around refined environments where standard ‘off the shelf’ signs tend to create a visual imperfection.

The surface of the sign can be left in a natural smooth sanded finish, stained or painted in a colour of your choice. Logos /symbols and lettering can be engraved and infilled with durable paint. Alternatively aluminium composite sign inserts, and waymarker discs can be recessed into the timber surface.


Waymarker Signs

Waymarker posts are familiar signs on any national trail or guided route. They give an efficient and cost-effect means of giving intermediate directions.

Available in a range of designs and sizes, waymarker posts can be manufactured in hardwood, softwood or recycled plastic. Routed recesses can be included to take waymarker discs.


Interpretation and ladder signs

Bring your site alive with our interpretation boards! An excellent way of enhancing a visitor experience, these boards can display the site’s history, geography, animal and plant life.

Craftsmanship and manufacturing technology combine with superb illustration, mapping and photography to produce signs that will inform and inspire visitors.

Supplied with oak or painted metal over-frame and posts, or supplied ready for wall-mounting, they incorporate a tough GRP graphics panel giving them exceptional weather and vandalism resistance.

We can use artwork supplied by our clients. Alternatively, we can work with you to develop your ideas into artwork in our studios. Where required, tactile design elements can be introduced to assist visually impaired visitors.


Sign Shelters

Skilfully constructed using long lasting hardwood, these sign shelters can be used for a variety of purposes.

Interpretation sign panels or notice boards can be secured beneath the canopy, or these shelters may be used to cover car park ticket machines and tariff boards.

Sign shelters can be made to any size and can be either single or double sided with a range of finishes to co-ordinate with their surroundings.


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