Fingerpost Sign – Wayfarer

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The Wayfarer from Farm Signs is a beautifully crafted fingerpost sign available in hardwood or recycled plastic. It is equally at home in the depths of the countryside as in the middle of a busy estate. The options for post tops and fingerarms further personalise the sign to your specific requirements.

Wayfarer in oak

The oak fingerposts are manufactured from a combination of fresh-sawn posts (cost-effective and more effective for ground mounted signage) and air-dried fingerarms (to give a high quality engraved finish). As with all timber it will weather down to a silver-grey finish over time. If the original colour is to be preserved the signs will need to be installed for approximately 3 months to allow the tannins to exit, then a coating of Osmo Wood Reviver Gel to restore the colour followed by Osmo UV Protect to prevent further fading. Depending on the location this will normally need to be repeated annually.

Wayfarer in recycled plastic

The recycled plastic fingerposts are manufactured from plastic waste and are themselves recyclable at end of life. Because of the occasional tendency for the posts to become flexible and warp in hot weather we reinforce the centre of the post with a concealed steel bar. Recycled plastic is rot-proof, fade-proof and naturally fire retardant. It does not leach chemicals into the soil and is completely inert.

Lead time

This depends on the workload in the factory at the time of ordering. Delivery would usually be between 2 and 4 weeks and if a more definite date is required please call 0800 4585 660 and we can discuss the options available.