Waymarker Signs

Waymarkers show where the permissive paths and public rights of way are located. With so many people wanting to get out into the countryside to enjoy being closer to nature, landowners need to clearly mark the footpaths and byways the public is allowed to use. Waymarker signage is especially useful for people who are not familiar with the area, as well as those who are not confident in their navigational abilities or map reading skills!


By implication, waymarker discs are also a useful way of showing where members of the public are not allowed, helping to protect property, crops, livestock, nature reserves and Special Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSIs). However, our waymarker signs are the most effective when they are supplemented with Keep Out and Estate signs, giving walkers the confidence that they are on the right path and not accidentally trespassing. 


Our markers follow Natural England’s recommended colour system:

  • Yellow for footpaths
  • Blue for bridleways
  • Plum for restricted byways
  • Red for byways open to all traffic

Whilst many of our signage is generic, our in-depth product range means we are highly likely to have signage that is worded exactly the way you need.

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