Wayfinding signage is any signage that will help individuals around a business or other physical destination. You will often see directional signs in public places to guide you from one point to another via simple, yet effective visuals.

Farm Signs stocks the UK’s largest range of stock and customised signs and is a reliable supplier of signage and wayfinding accessories. We have a wide variety of high-quality wayfinding signs including waymarkers, footpath signs, fingerpost signs and timber signage. So you will definitely find the perfect directional signage for your needs. 

Our wayfinding signage adheres to Natural England’s recommended colour system:

  • Yellow for footpaths
  • Blue for bridleways
  • Plum for restricted byways
  • Red for byways open to all traffic


‘Monolith’ style signs are an unusual yet intriguing design of sign that can be utilised in situations where signs are imperative yet discretion is of the essence.

This style of sign is often used to give notification of hazards and other health and safety requirements around refined environments where standard ‘off the shelf’ signs tend to create a visual imperfection.

The surface of the sign can be left in a natural smooth sanded finish, stained or painted in a colour of your choice. Logos /symbols and lettering can be engraved and infilled with durable paint. Alternatively aluminium composite sign inserts, and waymarker discs can be recessed into the timber surface.


Waymarker Signs

Waymarker signs provide directional information, placed strategically to help people find their way. These types of wayfinding signs are especially useful in nature or countryside locations to clearly mark footpaths, trails and public byways. 

Waymarker signage assists those who are new to the area or struggle with map reading to quickly and easily locate where they need to be or in which direction they need to go. Typically, these wayfinding signs are colour coordinated with the colour matching different areas. 

This includes waymarker discs, another form of wayfinding signage that indicates areas where public are not allowed and protects property, crops, livestock, nature reserves and Special Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSIs). 

We have such a wide range of waymarker signs and discs that you’re bound to find a sign that’s worded according to your needs. 

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Footpath Signs

Footpaths are designated spaces that are separated from the road for people to walk to and from home, a place of work, shops and public transport. It is essential that some form of directional signage should be placed in these areas to indicate where people may walk safely.

Footpath signs are seen in numerous public places from parks and fields to various properties. These wayfinding signs are designed to help people to navigate and find their way safely when walking on footpaths. They assist with wayfinding as they instruct pedestrians to use the demarcated footpath and keep them safe from unwanted road hazards like cyclists and motorists.  

Our range of directional signage for footpaths include ‘please keep to the footpath’ signs, ‘no public right of way’ signs, ‘no cycling’ waymarkers and ‘permitted bridleway paths’.

Public Footpath Over Private Land
Permitted Bridleway Permitted Footpath Waymarker Disc
Footpath Signs
Keep To Footpath Sign

Fingerpost Signs

A fingerpost is a road or wayfinding sign that provides directions to multiple nearby destinations, whether they be in close proximity or a further distance away. If you enjoy strolls in the English countryside, then it’s very likely that you’ve come across a fingerpost sign. But, they are also commonly used in the middle of a country park or a bustling city centre as well as at popular attractions, offering guidance and direction to both residents and tourists. 

These types of directional signage are clearly visible and provide clear and relevant wayfinding information for easy accessibility. Our Wayfarer Fingerpost Sign has been carefully crafted and is available in hardwood, softwood made from solid oak for durability. 

They also come in recycled plastic which is more environmentally friendly and maintenance free. With the multi arm composite you get oak post and finger arms with aluminium or Foamex inserts with options to digitally print the text and visuals. And you can also ask us to further personalise the wayfinding sign according to your requirements. 

Waymarker discs can be used on finger arms for directional signage that points to a particular trail or route.

fingerpost Sign
Plastic Fingerpost Sign
fingerpost sign

Benefits of wayfinding signage

Besides guiding and directing people, wayfinding signage has tons of other benefits that can appeal to your business:

  • Builds brand identity
  • Provides clear communication
  • Improves customer experience
  • Ensures safety and compliance
  • Keeps your brand top of mind
  • Increases returning customers

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