The importance of clear safety signs for farm shops

11 April 2017 superman

The importance of clear safety signs for farm shops

The role of clear signage on farms is obvious – to keep members of the public safe!

Working farms could prove unsafe when workers have lapses of concentration which can result in an accident or even fatalities. But most farm accidents could have been avoided.

Public Farm Signs

With many farms converting their farm into a public attraction, this brings with it not only the dangers of pedestrians but, more importantly, children. With so many people on site, it is the duty of the farm to ensure that any potential hazards are made very clear.

Whilst children love animals, it’s important to remember that although they can be perfectly harmless, accidents can happen and parents or guardians should be aware of the risks and ensure they keep their child out of harm’s way.

H&SE Rules

It is a requirement of the Health & Safety Executive that safety signs should be displayed wherever there is a significant risk to employees and the public. The HSE states that “Signs must be clear and legible, and should be used to identify actions that are prohibited (eg: no access), safeguards that must be followed (eg: ear protection must be worn), warning of a hazard (eg: corrosive material) and to direct towards fire exits/equipment or first aid equipment”.

Rights of Way

Government guidance requires farms to use signs to warn the public of any dangers as well as marking out public rights of way. It also warns it is an offence to use misleading signs, eg: to warn of a bull in a field when the bull has actually been removed.

Every year, millions of people visit UK farms, whether it’s for Open Farm Sunday, to see the animals, or to buy local produce from farm shops and cafés. It’s therefore vital to assess and manage any health and safety risks in advance, part of which is to make sure there is adequate signage.

Having the correct safety signs clearly visible in and around your farm shop is, therefore, necessary for you to meet your legal requirements, and will protect your business if someone is injured on your property.

One note of caution though, the HSE also advises that: “You should avoid using too many signs which may cause confusion”, which makes careful planning of which signs to use and where to display them even more important for the safety of the public visiting your farm shop.”

First Aid Signs

In the unfortunate event that an injury does occur, farm shops have many first aid points across their premises which can be easily identified as a green first aid sign.

You can find our full range of Health & Safety compliant farm and farm shop signs, including safety signage, footpath right of way marking and PYO and produce signs.

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