Winter farm hazards you should know

6 February 2018 superman

Winter farm hazards you should know

Even though the snowdrops have begun to bloom and the daffodils are showing themselves again, winter is not over, and the cold, wet and unpredictable weather can make the farm an even more unforgiving place. Whilst keeping an eye on the forecast can help you prepare for whatever weather is going to throw at you, the likelihood is that it has the ability to cause additional dangers you need to prepare for, just in case.


Sharp frosts, freezing temperatures and compacted snow can turn an ordinary road, path or field into an ice rink. Whilst most slips and falls result in little more than bruised pride, for some it can end in a trip to A&E. Grit the roads and paths wherever possible and make sure everyone knows they need to be careful.


Keep an eye out for flooding on roads and tracks and put warning signs out in areas where flooding is most likely.

Building damage

This winter, there have already been a number of gales and floods that have caused damage to buildings across the UK. Falling debris can cause tripping hazards for you, your employees, contractors and members of the public, so whilst you organise clean-up and repairs, you need to cordon off the area and post warning signs to reduce the risk of injury.


Whilst office workers can stay at home when the snow is bad, farm work must go on whatever the weather. Livestock has to be fed and monitored, and the drive to the fields means workers are more likely to encounter hazards on untreated tracks. One insurance specialist has published winter driving tips for farmers, which includes being aware of longer stopping distances, going slower so you use your brakes less often in the snow, as well as accelerating and decelerating more slowly in the ice to avoid sudden movements which may result in skidding.

You may not be able to prevent the extra dangers on your farm that winter brings, but you can help prevent injuries by making everyone aware of any hazards that appear on the property. We have a range of high-quality stocks signs and accessories.

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